You Tube
Buzz doing live TV at a local San Fran broadcast station, KOFY. Weird!
You Tube
Hey! Check out a typical Kabaret Kab experience here in San Francisco. Next time you're in S.F. take a ride in the Kabaret Kab! 415 794 BUZZ
CD Baby
Largest, most well-known site for independents such as myself to sell their CDs online. Unfortunately, due to production costs, I lose a few bucks on every one I sell through CD Baby; that's why I prefer you get it directly from me at; but if it's more convenient, go ahead and get it from CD Baby!
My Space
Here's the My Space page where you can hear some full versions of some of the tunes.
All tunes available on iTunes! Or Rhapsody, or Napster, or about a zillion other download sites...have at 'em!
Open Road TV
Come along on Buzz's taxi tour of San Francisco! Watch the video of Buzz and Doug McConnell of Bay Area Backroads fame as they take a whirlwind tour of some of SF's unknown treasures. 
El Fornio Historical Society
Check out my pal's site, about El Fornio, CA. Did you know, that before there was any such thing as "species preservationists", there was a dolphin-meat packing plant here in California? See for yourself!